How do I record admissions outcomes for my students?


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    Counselors can use College Kickstart to track admissions outcomes for their seniors. These outcomes can be leveraged in your reports and in your local context data.

    NOTE: This suitcase feature is only available for the current senior class after January 1st.


    Remember that:

    • These outcomes are used for reporting
    • Updated lists will not be re-run in College Kickstart
    • To ensure quality data, only counselors can report outcomes

    To record outcomes for your students:

    1. Select the current senior class in the Student Summaries dropdown.



    2. Click on the SUITCASE icon in the Actions column to the left of the student whose outcomes you wish to report. A dialog box will appear:


    3. If you already reported outcomes for the student, your saved information will be displayed. You may edit it and save your changes. If this is the first time you work with outcomes for this student, their latest college list will be loaded. If the list does not reflect the actual colleges the student applied to, you may:

    • Remove colleges from the list by clicking on the X
    • Reorder the list by clicking and dragging on the Rank column
    • Add one or more colleges to the list by selecting them in the dropdown and clicking ADD TO LIST

    The list of colleges that may be added includes not only all the schools available in the College Kickstart application, but also a list of many additional colleges your student may have applied to. If you do not see the college you want, let us know and we will add it promptly to the list.

    Once the list reflects the final college list for the student, ranked in order of preference, you may select the appropriate outcomes in the table and click the green SAVE CHANGES button.

    When done, click on the X in the top right corner of the dialog box to dismiss it and return to the Counselor Dashboard to work with your other students.

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