How are schools with guaranteed/assured admissions handled?

    College Kickstart is equipped to handle schools with guaranteed admission/assured admission policies. These institutions will guarantee admission to applicants meeting minimum academic standards, which usually involves some combination of test scores and GPA or rank.  Sometimes the standards differ by residency, and sometimes assured admission is limited to residents only.

    College Kickstart currently tracks assured admission criteria for 25 institutions, including Washington State, Arizona State, Ole Miss, and several Texas public universities.  When the criteria appear to have been met, the school will automatically be categorized as a likely school.

    You can tell when a school is an assured admission school in two ways:

    • The “A” superscript.  An “A” superscript (for “assured”) will appear by a school’s name:
    • In the Details tab.  The Academic Performance Assessment section in the Details tab will also indicate a student appears to have satisfied assured admission criteria for an institution.  Additional detail will also be provided on how the criteria have been satisfied.  Because GPA calculations vary widely (weighted vs. unweighted, core subjects vs. overall), be certain to always confirm you have satisfied assured admission criteria.


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