How can I take corrective action to make my list grade an A?

    It is really easy to use College Kickstart and the MixFixer feature to help balance your list. 

    1. Read the recommendation in the last paragraph.  Here, the recommendation is to add target schools and remove unlikely ones from the list.



    2. Click on the FIND TARGETS button to launch MixFixer™ to identify target schools.  Similarly, clicking on FIND LIKELIES or FIND REACHES will help to identify their respective categories.


    3. Research your choices in MixFixer™ and update your List.  MixFixer™ displays a list of all schools under our coverage that would be considered likely schools, based on admissions selectivity and your academic profile.  You can choose to search for either Likely, Target, or Reach schools with the green bar. The filters on the left can help to narrow down the available schools list by specifying size, setting, region, or special criteria like "no extra Common App essay" or "schools with great merit aid."


    You can also narrow the search further by selecting up to 3 majors.


    4.  Add the target school(s) to your list and rerun College Kickstart.  Double-click or drag the schools you want to add from Available Schools to Your List.  Rerun College Kickstart to see your new list grade. 





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