Why is it more expensive than Guided Path or College Planner Pro?

    Our approach is different. College Kickstart creates personalized college plans based on each student's academic profile and the academic selectivity of their college list.

    In a nutshell, this is how we are different:

    • Fresh data: We keep vigil on admissions data and constantly update our product to minimize surprises.
    • Analysis: We show you the implications of that data for each student by automatically analyzing the quality of their list, identifying their early admission opportunities and creating action plans. We actually turn the data into insights and personalized recommendations.
    • Action: Our personalized recommendations suggest what to do next and make it easy to take action based on insights for that particular student. For example, the MixFixer feature helps you identify schools to balance their specific college list in context of their academic profile.
    • Current plans: We automatically update each student's plan every time it changes so you don't have to.
    • Student-friendly: College Kickstart is designed with the student in mind, so they are more engaged in the process and their decisions.

    Of course, we have plenty of what you'd expect too:

    • Affordability details such as merit and need-based aid
    • Key application requirements for each school on the student's list
    • Counselor dashboard to track the status and measure progress of each student as well as your practice as a whole.

    With other products, the data (often stale) is not actionable. The counselor becomes the bottleneck each time a student changes their list of colleges, test scores, or GPA. You have to get into the weeds to figure out if their list is balanced, or if there is an early admission opportunity overlooked, or if the new plan changes the priority of applications and essays. We take care of this for you - analyzing the myriad of details, stats and deadlines so you don't need.

    The bottomline is that we believe that we can save you an hour’s worth of time per student. You'll save time because we analyze and automatically categorize each student's list into reaches, targets, and safeties. And, keep that analysis current with every change to the list and student's GPA or test score. We make early admission strategy recommendations, and action plans based on that strategy. You'll also save time hunting for the most current admissions data that is not found anywhere else in a single place.

    College Kickstart is like having an assistant help you with the "science" of college advising so you can focus on the art.



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