What is the difference between Counselor-Owned and Student-Owned student accounts?

    There are three ways you can use College Kickstart to create and refine college plans for your students:

    • Do it all yourself
    • Let your students take charge
    • Get it started, then let your students take charge

    Do it yourself. Some counselors like to use College Kickstart for their own internal planning and decision support. In Counselor-owned accounts, counselors are responsible for creating and refining plans for their students each time the student's list or academic profile changes. Only the counselor will have access to a student’s account.

    Let your students take charge. Alternatively, some counselors empower their students to take ownership of their own plans. Student-owned accounts work well with self-driven students and can be a huge time saver since the counselor won’t be in the middle of every plan modification. Students own the account and have responsibility for their college plan, while counselors monitor progress every step of the way.

    Get it started, then let your students take charge. Often what works best is a bit of both— counselors open the account as Counselor-owned to create an initial plan for their student, and then switch to Student-owned to let them take control after they reviewed the initial plan with the student.


    • You can select Counselor-owned or Student-owned for each student individually
    • When you switch the account from Counselor-owned to Student-owned, you cannot switch back to Counselor-owned
    • By default, every account starts as Counselor-owned
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