Outcomes Reports - What can I learn from the Results for Selected Institutions and Rating/Ranking Summaries?


    Results for Selected Institutions allows you to compare the admission rates for selected colleges within your school to the national average admission rates for three years.


    Ratings and Rankings Summary maps your school’s Application mix, Admittance mix, Enrollment mix, and your school’s Admission Rate (called “High School Rate”) broken down into categories dictated below. Mix means a proportion of the entire class and the percentages always add up to 100% to cover the whole class.

    Global or National Rate is the publicly released admissions rate for that institution or the average admissions rate for the indicated group of schools.

    Barrons -

    US News Top 25 NAT/LAC - Top 25 National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges as determined by US News & World Report.

    Admissions Selectivity - College Kickstart’s measure of selectivity as defined by a college’s global admissions rate. Very Selective means an admission rate of less than 25%. Selective means an admission rate between 25-50%. Less Selective means an admission rate between 50-75%. The Least Selective means an admission rate over 75%.

    Ivy League - consists of Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Penn, Cornell, Columbia and Dartmouth.

    Ivy League + Chicago, Duke, MIT, Stanford - Ivies listed above plus UChicago, Duke, MIT, and Stanford.

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