Can I hide a List Grade during the early planning stage?


    • Independent Consultants - Large Practice Solution
    • High Schools


    When a Counselor or a student runs a List Check, it is automatically analyzed and graded. Counselors can choose to hide the list grade from a student until a specific date. This gives the counselor flexibility working with the students during the early stages and allows them to do some iterations together before the student’s list is graded.



    To hide the list grade, click on the ADMIN menu and then click on the SETTINGS button to access the HIDE LIST GRADES panel. 




    You will have three options for displaying the list grade:

    • Always hide list grades
    • Never hide list grades (default)
    • Hide list grades until a selected date
      • Once the specified date entered has passed, the list grade will be shown to students.


    NOTE: For the selected date option, you must enter a valid date within this calendar year. 


    Once your settings are applied, you can confirm the current configuration by hovering over the HIDE LIST GRADES panel, and a tooltip will pop up with your settings.







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