Exporting Reports from CIALFO, MAIA LEARNING, NAVIANCE, or SCOIR for use in College Kickstart

    Currently, College Kickstart supports the import of reports from the following Sources of Records:

    NOTE: If you open your file in Microsoft excel, make sure to save the Excel file as CSV.




    In Cialfo, the Reports section can be opened from the left menu in your account:


    On the "APPLICATIONS BY COLLEGE" report, select the years and click the RUN button. When the report is ready to download, the DOWNLOAD button will be enabled and you will be able to download


    The report will contain the following required fields:

    • Class Year
    • Cialfo User ID
    • College Name
    • Unweighted GPA 4.0 or Weighted GPA 5.0
    • High SAT 1600
    • High ACT
    • Application Round
    • Result



    MAIA Reports can be opened from the COUNSELOR VIEW -> REPORTS -> COLLEGE APPS.



    In College Apps, select the APPLICATION STATISTICS -> APPLICATION BY COLLEGE report. For best results, we recommend at least three years of data. To create the report, click on the RUN REPORT button.



    Once finished filtering your data, you can save a copy for offline use by clicking CSV.


    The report will contain the following fields:

    • Class
    • GPA
    • AP / Honors
    • High SAT CR
    • High SAT M
    • High SAT WR
    • High SAT 1600
    • High SAT 2400
    • High ACT
    • Type
    • Result
    • Attend
    • Flags



    In Naviance, open the REPORTS by clicking on the ANALYTICS->REPORTS menu:


    You will see the APPLICATION BY COLLEGE report if you scroll down in the section COLLEGE REPORTS:


    Just click the VIEW link to view and download a CSV file.


    The report will have the following required fields:

    • Class
    • Student
    • College
    • GPA or WGPA
    • High SAT 1600
    • High ACT
    • Type
    • Result
    • WL
    • Defer
    • Attending



    To access SCOIR's reporting tools, go to the REPORTS tab in the main menu and run the APPLICATION AND OUTCOMES report.


    To filter and select a specific year range, click the FILTERS button on the left hand side of the browser.


    Once you’re finished filtering your data and its sort order, you can save a copy for offline use by clicking Download CSV for an editable table.


    The report will contain the following required fields:

    • Class Year
    • Student_ID_HS
    • College Name
    • GPA or GPA W
    • SAT
    • ACT
    • Application Type
    • Deferred
    • Waitlist
    • Application Outcome

    Saving an Excel file as CSV

    When editing your file in Microsoft Excel, please select the "Comma Separated Value (.csv)" option to save the file.


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