How Independent Counselor can Renew Subscription

    All subscriptions end the last day of the year (December 31st). If you would like to continue using CollegeKickstart and renew your subscription you must first make sure you have logged out your account. To log out, just click the button on the top right of the window.


    NOTE: Closing your browser without logging out of College Kickstart will not close out your Kickstart application.

    Once logged off, can click the INDEPENDENT COUNSELORS link under the PRICING menu


    You can click on previous plan you had or if you prefer upgrade to a new plan.


    On the CONFIRM INVOICE form, click on the red button before proceeding:


    If you have not received a discount code to renew, please contact Mark Beasman:


    After submitting the form, you will be asked for your Credit Card information. In the event, payment is declined, double-check that you entered the correct information, and check your email to see if your credit card company needs verification.

    Things to consider when renewing account:

    • If you use College Kickstart in counselor mode only.  Using your web conferencing service, simply share your screen with students during your virtual 1:1 to discuss and refine a student's plan.  If you renew a subscription for 10 students or more, you can take advantage of personalized plan PDFs and send them to students and parents periodically to document progress and guide student forward.  

    • If you use College Kickstart in student mode only.  Using your web conferencing service, simply have the student share their screen with you during your virtual 1:1 to discuss/refine their plan. 

    • If you start in counselor mode and shift to student mode when students are ready.  Using your web conferencing service, simply share screens during your virtual 1:1 to discuss or refine the student's plan.  If you're feeling that you may not have enough time to get your individual 1:1s before converting to student mode, consider going immediately to student mode.  Remember, even in student mode, you'll never lose context as we track full activity history in your dashboard and counselor adjustments can be made at any time and always remain in force. Getting Started for Students shows the welcome email that is sent to the student when converting to Student Mode.

    Note that once you change a student to student mode, it cannot be changed back to counselor mode. 
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