Uploading content from multiple Sources of Records

    If your school is in the process of moving from one Source of Records (SoR) to another (e.g. Cialfo, MAIA Learning, Naviance or SCOIR) and have data that you would like to keep from your old SoR, please contact College Kickstart support. 

    The support team will be glad to upload the file for your school. Please send the exports from each SoR to

    NOTE: When exporting please verify that all records have an Application Type (e.g. EA, RD, or ED) and Application Result (e.g. Waitlisted, Accepted, Denied, etc.)

    If you have any questions on exporting your data from your SoR, please check this article for additional information: Exporting Reports from CIALFO, MAIA LEARNING, NAVIANCE, or SCOIR for use in College Kickstart




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