How to Read the Scattergram for Content?


    • High Schools

    College Kickstart already had a link for counselors to view specific details of a particular school, which helped analyze and better help students in their applications.


    When opening the VIEW DETAILS window, the counselor can view the data of all applications for the school.


    The scattergram graph also provides a visual image of the applications. When creating a custom profile, the counselors will be able to use the scattergram to see the information and the summary views that are provided. You will also be able to look up a particular class and compare why a particular class was more successful than another. Counselors will be able to view which application type was used and which got better results.


    Counselors will be able to edit the vertical and horizontal axis. If the local content contains RANK/RIGOR, WGPA or UGPA, you will be able to select one to use for the vertical axis:


    In the same way, you will be able to modify the horizontal axis by selecting SAT or ACT:


    On the right of the graph, you will notice two summary views. The views will reflect the information that the graph displays. It will show the bottom 25% and top 75% percentile for all students that got accepted and are enrolled.


    On the right, you will be able to search for a specific class, type of application, and hooks. Whenever a selection is made, the graph will change to reflect the selection. The summary views will also change to reflect the selection.



    Counselors can easily create a custom profile to use from the scattergram by clicking on the ORANGE button once a filter is selected.





    Instead of looking for a particular result, you will now be able to hover over a point, and a small pop up window will appear which will show the details for that particular point.




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