How Can High Schools or Independent Consultants-Large Practice Import and View Their Class Roster?

    Counselors with admin privileges can view and upload their class roster by navigating to the ADMIN→SETTINGS page.




    At the beginning of each application season, clicking on the OPEN STUDENT ROSTER button will open a blank sheet where counselors will be able to enter their junior class roster.


    NOTE: Only counselors with admin privileges will be able to open the sheet. If you require an assistant with no admin privileges to upload the roster for you, please contact your Relationship Manager or email requesting that the assistant be permitted to edit the sheet.




    Once the counselor has finished entering the students' information, they will need to email to provision the class into College Kickstart. Support will inform the school once all students have been provisioned within 48 hours.


    Academic profile information is optional. If the school already has the students' academic profile information, they may include it in the document. The College Kickstart Support team will preload this information when provisioning the student accounts.


    NOTE: The profile information may still be edited at a later time when running College Kickstart.




    Once counselors have edited the document, the College Kickstart Support team will send an email asking for confirmation that the roster has been completed.


    NOTE: After the school has confirmed that they completed their class roster, they will no longer be able to edit the sheet, but they will still be able to view it. Any requests to add, edit, or remove student accounts later in the year should be sent directly to the College Kickstart Support team.


    The College Kickstart Support team will provision the class roster and email counselors when completed.

    Whenever counselors want to view the students' provisioned credentials, they can open the roster sheet again by going to ADMIN→SETTINGS.


    NOTE: If a student resets their password, the password information in the sheet will become stale. If a student forgets their new credentials, they will need to contact our support team at








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