Counselor - What is the Progress Report for?


    • Independent Consultants: Accounts with 10 or more students
    • Independent Consultants - Large Practice Solution
    • High Schools


    College Kickstart will never delete student history. If a counselor wants to view their student's plans and how it progressed over time, they can easily view the history by using the ALL STUDENT dropdown and selecting a student. It will provide all the students runs.


    If a counselor wants to compare different runs instead of viewing them, they will be able to do so using the PROGRESS REPORT.


    The counselor will be able to select two runs, enter a custom title for each run, and add comments to share with the student/parent.


    Once the PDF is generated, the counselor will be able to compare each run side by side. The counselor will be able to view the categorization of each school, the date of the run, and the comment added for the student at the bottom.





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