What Features are Available for High School Counselors?

    • Adding Schools - You will be able to select up to 30 schools from a list of 600+ schools.
    • Using Tags to add a school - If you are just looking for a specific type of school, TAGS can quickly help you search for the school.
    • Improving your list - MixFixer can quickly help you improve your list by balancing it.
    • Running with no standardized test score - If you could not take a standardized test, no problem. College Kickstart can use your GPA and/or rank.
    • Test-Optional - If your standardized score is lower than your GPA/rank, College Kickstart will suggest applying using your GPA/Rank instead of your test score when available.
    • Student History - Counselors will be able to view all the college plan runs for a specific student.
    • Suitcase - Counselors will be able to adjust student results for historical information.
    • Counselor Adjustments - The counselor will be able to manually adjust the student list if they think a college is not properly categorized.
    • Student Mode - Invite a student to log onto College Kickstart and run their own college plans.
    • Freeze Accounts - High schools will be able to freeze student accounts to prevent them from making any more modifications.
    • Hide List Grades - High schools may wish to hide the college plan grade until a specific date.
    • Upload Logo - High schools may wish to modify their logo to be used in their reports.
    • View Class Roster - High school consultants may view their current student roster credentials.

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