What Reports are Available for High School Counselors?

    Basic Reports can be found under the ACTIONS column.



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    • SUMMARY - Enables counselors to review the student's plan quickly. It allows counselors to see what wave the applications should be submitted, the due date, and the cost of the application.
    • REQUIREMENT - Enables counselors to review the requirements for each University/College. It helps the student prepare when applying to the school.
    • NEED-BASED AID - A summary of the stats of schools which provide Need-Based Aid.
    • MERIT-BASED AID - A summary of the stats of schools which give Merit-Based Aid.
    All the Views are printable using the Printer icon.  

    Student PDF Report

    • PDF REPORT - A printable report that has all the details of the college plan of the student. Contains all the above reports in one.

    Progress Report

    • PROGRESS REPORT - Allows you to compare two different runs.

    From the ADMIN page, counselors will find additional reports to help their students improve their plans.

    Local Context


    Plan Impact

    • PLAN IMPACT - Track college plans to help analyze how College Kickstart is helping students.

    Counselor Adjustments

    • Suppose consultants in the organization had many adjustments made for the students. College Kickstart can easily create reports for analysis:
      • Adjustment Rate - Consultants can view the number of adjustments made per year.
      • Adjustment by College - Will show the number of adjustments by College.
      • Adjustment  Reason - Can help analysis with the adjustment.
      • Adjustment Details - Will show the full detail of all the adjustments.


    • EARLY ADMISSION STATUS SUMMARY - Summarizes the latest early admission results based on outcomes captured in College Kickstart.
    • EARLY ADMISSION STATUS DETAILS - Summarizes the latest early admission details based on outcomes captured in College Kickstart.
    • OUTCOMES SUMMARY - Summarizes the result of all outcomes over the last 3 years.
    • QUINTILE ANALYSIS - Detailed control analysis for the most recent year available.
    • DETAIL ADMISSION HISTORY - A detailed summary of all colleges to which students applied.
    • ADMITS AND MATRICULATIONS - Compiles admission and matriculation counts for each institution.
    • INSTITUTION DETAILS - Summarizes all schools by Hook and Unhook

    Advance Reports

    • PLAN AND OUTCOMES - Summarizes outcome results by full history or a range of years.
    • APPLICANT REPORT - Details all students that applied to the institution for a specific year.


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