What Reports are Available for Independent Consultants - Large Practice Solution?

    Basic Reports can be found under the ACTIONS column.



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    • SUMMARY - Enables counselors to quickly review the student's plan. It allows counselors to view in what wave the applications should be submitted and the due date, as well as the cost of the application.
    • REQUIREMENT - Enables counselors to review the requirements for each University/College. It helps the student prepare when applying to the school.
    • NEED-BASED AID - A summary of stats of schools which provide Need-Base Aid
    • MERIT-BASED AID - A summary of stats of schools which give Merit-Base Aid

    All the Views are printable using the Printer icon


    Student PDF Report

    • PDF REPORTA printable report that has all details of the college plan for the student. Contains all the above reports in one PDF.

    Progress Report

    From the ADMIN page, counselors will find additional reports to help their students improve their plans.

    Plan Impact

    • PLAN IMPACT - Track college plans to help analyze how College Kickstart is helping students.

    Counselor Adjustments

    • If consultants in the organization made many adjustments for students, College Kickstart can easily create reports for analysis:
      • Adjustment Rate - Consultants can view the number of adjustments made per year.
      • Adjustment by College - Will show the number of adjustments by College.
      • Adjustment by Reason - Can help with analysis of the adjustment.
      • Adjustment Details - Will show full detail of all adjustments.


    Advance Reports

    • PLAN AND OUTCOMESSummarizes outcome results of full history or a range of years.
    • APPLICANT REPORT - Details all students that applied to the institution for a specific year.


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