Can I Reassign Students to Another Counselor?


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    A counselor can move students from one counselor to another from the ADMIN -> SETTINGS-> ASSIGN COUNSELORS.


    Depending on the school setup, counselors will be able to view one of the following panels:





    Counselors will be able to modify the PRIVILEGE mode in which the school is set to.




    • DEFAULT: Only the assigned counselor is allowed to view and edit the student accounts on their dashboard.
    • VIEW: Only the assigned counselor is allowed to edit the student's accounts, but all counselors in the school are allowed to view the student's information.
    • EDIT: All counselors will be able to view and edit all student accounts regardless of ownership.


    If a counselor director would like to change the privilege mode, one can simply select the mode you wish the school to be in.




    Click the CHANGE ASSIGNMENTS button to move a student to another counselor.





    Select the primary counselor, the student which will be reassigned and the new counselor.








    When you open the panel, counselors will be able to view all the students from the current class.




    Counselors with a BLUE EYE icon under their names, will have the ability to only view the students information. The PENCIL icon indicates which counselor is able to edit the student account. The BLUE KEY icon will indicate the primary (owner) counselor which the student is assigned to.


    NOTE: Every student must have ONLY ONE primary counselor assigned.


    When you change permission you will see the icons change to an ORANGE color. The icons will change  to blue after saving the changes.


    NOTE: If you cannot see the RE-ASSIGNMENT panel in the SETTINGS window, don't hesitate to contact Support ( to assist in moving students from one counselor to another.



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