Can I reassign students to another counselor?


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    A counselor with admin rights can move students from one counselor to another using the ASSIGN STUDENTS panel. Depending on the school setup, counselors will have access to either the default or the advanced assign students panel. 

      1. Change the PRIVILEGE mode, which affects whether counselors can view and/or edit plans for students that have not been assigned to them.
      2. Reassign students from one counselor to another.
    • ADVANCED ASSIGNMENT (available upon request)
      • You are able to modify the PRIVILEGE mode and reassign students on a more detailed level for individual counselors though this interface

    Both panels are accessed from the ADMIN -> SETTINGS-> ASSIGN STUDENTS panel:


    NOTE: If you cannot see the ASSIGN STUDENTS panel in the SETTINGS window, do not hesitate to contact Support ( for assistance in moving students from one counselor to another.




    How can counselors modify what PRIVILEGE mode that their school is set to?

    From the Assign Students panel, simply select the PRIVILEGE mode you wish the school to be in by clicking the appropriate radio button. Changes are automatically entered when you switch, and a green confirmation banner will pop up to let you know that the change was successful. 


    The three different PRIVILEGE modes are:

    • DEFAULT: Only the assigned counselor is allowed to view and edit the student accounts on their dashboard.
    • VIEW: All counselors in the school are allowed to view the student's information, but only the assigned counselor is allowed to edit the student's accounts
    • EDIT: All counselors will be able to view and edit all student accounts regardless of ownership.

    How can students be reassigned to another counselor?

    Click the CHANGE ASSIGNMENTS button to move a student from one counselor to another counselor. 



    The Change Assignments window will pop up.  Select the primary counselor, the student(s) which will be reassigned, and the new counselor, and then click Apply.  A green confirmation banner will pop up, letting you know the change was successful. 






    The ADVANCED ASSIGN STUDENTS panel is available upon request.  Using this panel, you are able to reassign students on a more granular level for individual counselors.


    When you open the panel, you will be able to view all the students from the current class and all counselors in the organization.


    You can click on the three icons under each counselor's name to toggle permissions for each setting. 

    • The EYE icon indicates whether a counselor can view the student's information.
    • The PENCIL icon whether that counselor can edit the student's information.
    • The KEY icon indicates who the student's primary counselor (account owner) is.

    When you change permissions, you will see the icons change to an ORANGE color. The icons will change to BLUE after clicking “SAVE AND CLOSE” to save the changes.

    NOTE: Each student must have ONLY ONE primary counselor assigned. 

    If you want to deactivate a counselor, and need to reassign students, use the KEY icon to switch each student to a different counselor.  For example, in the Advanced Assignment panel above, Molly Hooper has no students assigned, and can be safely deactivated. 



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