Can I Create a Report from the Local Context Data?

    Counselor can easily create a PDF report by clicking a VIEW SUMMARY button.





    The report contains different section explaining how different schools are categorized.

    • Introduction
      • Explains how schools get categorized and how to read the School Categorization Matrix.
    • What we did
      • This will show what College Kickstart requires to take advantage of your local data and the difference between national and local context.
    • Findings
      • The findings section contains three sub-section which help counselors get an overall view of what their data looks like.
        1. Impact on coverage: Will display the total number of schools, applications, admittance and enrollment.
        2. Impact on academic performance: Will show the difference between the national data and your school's data.
        3. Impact on school categorization: Here counselors will be able to view how the schools are getting categorized.
    • Final Step - Editorial Review
      • The Editorial Review describes how to read and take advantages of your data.


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