Counselor - How can we hide the admit rate?


    • High Schools
    • Independent Consultant - Large Practice Solution

    Admission rates for schools are very helpful information, but sometimes seeing the numbers can affect students' decisions to apply to schools. Students may feel that they can get accepted to a school without preparation, or they may not apply because they think it is too difficult to get in.

    Counselors can contact their Relationship Managers to hide the admit rate, so that students can focus more on balancing their school lists and not on the admit rate for each school.

    An example of the changes with a hidden admit rate are below: 

    HideAdmitRate_EarlyStrategy.png                           HideAdmitRate_EarlyStrategy_1.png

    - The Admit% is hidden in the Recommended Strategy 



    - The Admit Rates are hidden in the School Details



    - The Admit Rate is removed from the Summary View.


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