How to run a student’s college plan using Rigor


    High Schools that meet the following requirements:

    • School must be using an unweighted GPA.
    • School needs to upload historical data.

    Rigor is a feature that differentiates between students with varying levels of difficulty or rigor in their course load. Counselors can request to enable the Rigor feature by
    contacting us via email:

    Counselors can select one of the following settings for Rigor:

    • AP Honors: Indicate the number of honors and AP courses the student has taken.
    • Rigor Index: A 1 to 5 point grade scale which the student obtained.

    Once enabled, counselors will be able to add the Rigor score in the student profile:



    Once a plan is run, Rigor will be shown in the Academic Performance Assessment section of the Details Tab.



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