Can I convert Student accounts to be Student-powered in batch?


    • Independent Consultants - Large Practice Solution
    • High Schools

    A counselor has two methods to convert a student's account from Counselor-powered to Student-powered: 

    • Individual accounts can be converted on the Counselor dashboard
    • Multiple students accounts can be converted using this CONVERT STUDENTS panel
    NOTE: Once a student's account is converted to Student-Powered, counselors will no longer be able to modify a student's plan. For more info, please refer to this article: Put your students in the driver’s seat with your hand on the wheel


    To find the CONVERT STUDENTS panel, please go to ADMIN > SETTINGS > CONVERT STUDENTS 



    Counselors first will choose to view students from either the current class or the future classes, and then can select the students to convert.  Counselors can choose a single student or all students. Student names which are greyed-out are already in Student-powered mode and cannot be converted. 


    Once the students are selected and the counselor clicks apply, a confirmation message will appear. 



    After clicking confirm, the conversion process will begin and the counselor will be returned to the settings page.  Once a student's account is converted to Student-powered mode, the student will automatically be sent a welcome email that contains their login credentials and a guide for getting started. 





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