Can I create Student accounts in batch?


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    Previously, if a counselor needed to add more than one student account, they would have to repeatedly  use the ADD STUDENT button from the Counselor dashboard to enter the student information.
    > for info on this, refer to: How do I add a student? in Getting Started for High School Counselors

    To help counselors be more efficient, College Kickstart enabled a new ADD STUDENT panel on the settings page which makes it easier to create multiple student accounts at once.

    1) Adding Students with the ADD STUDENTS panel

    The ADD STUDENTS panel is accessible via the ADMIN > SETTINGS page.  Click ADD to launch the panel. 



    Once the panel is open, counselors have the option to add students' information by either:

    NOTE: In the top banner, counselors can view the total number of licenses available to create accounts.  When creating student accounts, you must remain under your license limit. 



    A) Using the ADD STUDENT button to manually add a student

    Using the ADD STUDENT button, counselors can manually add a student by directly typing the student's information into the table.  This button can be used multiple times to add multiple students.

    1. Click the ADD STUDENT button
    2. Type in student's information: class, first and last name, email, and the email address of the primary counselor working with the student 
    3. Continue to ADD STUDENT , SAVE DRAFT, or PUBLISH the list





    B) Using the IMPORT FILE button to upload a student roster

    If there is an extensive class roster, it may be easier to import a CSV file with a list of students than to manually update the table.

    1.  Click the IMPORT FILE button to launch the Upload File panel.
      NOTE: In the top banner, "Unpublished data will be overwritten", means that any data that you may have entered in the table and saved as a draft before choosing to import will not be kept.mceclip5.png
    2. Create your student roster file for upload.  You can download a TEMPLATE file or make your own file with columns for student's class, first and last name, email, and the email address of the primary counselor working with the student.
      • The TEMPLATE file is saved as "students_template.csv" and appears as belowmceclip1.png
      • NOTE:  If you have special characters such as â, é, ï, æ, ø, or ň in your file, be sure to save it as a CSV UTF-8. Please refer to this article for help on saving your file properly: How do I export a file as a CSV in UTF-8?
    3.  Select your file and then click VALIDATE.  If everything is ok with your file, the data will be imported and the table will update with your student's information.  If there are 
      • INVALID FILE: Please update your CSV file and try uploading it again

        • This occurs if any of the required fields have missing, duplicate, or incorrect information.  Click VIEW ERROR DETAILS to open the Validation Log which highlights the student records that were excluded and for what reason.  Corrections must be made by editing the CSV file and then re-uploading and re-validating it.mceclip3.png
      • WARNING: Please review upload data in table

        • This error occurs if you have any special characters that were not recognized correctly.  These characters will be replaced by the � symbol. You can choose to either correct the specified entries in the upload table on the website or to re-save your CSV file in the UTF-8 format and and re-upload it.  See this help article for details: How do I export a file as a CSV in UTF-8?
    4. Once your file is validated and the import is successful, the table will show all updates from the file. You can continue to ADD STUDENT with the , SAVE DRAFT, or PUBLISH the list

    2) Publishing the student list

    After adding students with either the the ADD STUDENT button or IMPORT FILE, the table still needs to be saved. There are a few actions possible:

    • SAVE DRAFT to continue to add students later
    • DISCARD DRAFT to clear all students currently entered in the table
    • PUBLISH to create the CollegeKickstart accounts for the students.  After pressing PUBLISH, a popup will ask to confirm changes.








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