Can I Update the Student's Profile?


    • Independent Consultants - Large Practice Solution
    • High Schools


    If a student had incorrect or did not update their student profile (SAT/ACT score or GPA grade), counselors would need to click on the rocket icon, edit their profile, and run a new plan to apply changes.




    If the student's account were converted, STUDENT-POWERED, the counselor would need to contact the student to update their profile.


    A counselor will now update a student's profile through the settings page using the UPDATE PROFILE panel.




    Counselors can manually update the table with the student's new grades and click the PUBLISH button.




    If you have an extensive class roster, the counselor may use a CSV file to update the student's profile.




    Counselors may download the template to include the student's profile by clicking on the TEMPLATE button.




    The spreadsheet will include the class year, student's email, standardized test score fields, and GPA.




    Once you have finished updating the test scores and GPA grades, they can be uploaded and validated.




    If there are any issues, clicking on the Details link will open a small report on which records need to be corrected.




    After importing the file with no errors, the table will automatically show all updates suggested from the file. Counselors will be able to SAVE DARFT and continue later, RESET all modifications or PUBLISH the changes.




    Counselors will be required to CONFIRM changes to apply changes. The confirmation window allows you to export the PDF and EXCEL format changes for your records.




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