Can I update a student's academic profile?


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    Previously, if a counselor needed to to correct or to update a student's academic profile (SAT/ACT score, GPA, or Rank), the options were limited to running a plan. 

    Now the UPDATE PROFILES panel allows for easy editing of students' academic stats. 

    Updating profiles by running a plan

    For COUNSELOR-POWERED accounts, counselors would need to click on the rocket icon from the counselor dashboard, edit the student's profile, and run a new plan to apply changes.

    If the student's account was STUDENT-POWERED, the counselor would need to contact the student to update their profile by running a plan. 




    Using the UPDATE PROFILES panel

    A counselor can simply update a student's profile by using the ADMIN > SETTINGS > UPDATE PROFILE panel.  The data can be entered either 1A) manually or 1B) imported by CSV file, and afterwards 2) the changes are reviewed and published.



    1A) Manually update the table

    Counselors can directly update the student's stats by typing into the table.  Values that have been edited will display with blue text.  Counselors will be able to SAVE DRAFT and continue later, RESET all modifications or PUBLISH the changes.



    1B) CSV file import update to the table

    If there is an extensive class roster, it may be easier to use a CSV file to update the students' academic profiles than to manually update the table.  Use the IMPORT button to start the Student Profile Update Wizard. 



    Counselors can download a template CSV file that is pre-formatted and contains the necessary information for updating the students by clicking on the green TEMPLATE button.

    NOTE: "Unpublished data will be overwritten", meaning that any manual changes you may have entered and saved as a draft before choosing to import will not be kept. 


    The template file is saved as "Bulk_Upload_Template.csv" and includes columns with the class year, student's name and email, standardized test score fields, GPA, and Rank.  

    NOTE: "The file should include only the credentials you wish to update", meaning that only the cells where data is entered will be updated. If a cell is left blank, it will not clear or overwrite the previously published data.  



    Upload the file with the new data and then click VALIDATE. If there are any issues with, clicking on the Details link will open a small report on which student records were excluded and for what reason.  Corrections can be made by editing the CSV file and then re-uploading and re-validating it. 




    After importing the CSV file, the table will automatically show all updates from the file.  The newly updated data will be written in blue text.  Counselors will be able to SAVE DRAFT and continue later, RESET all modifications or PUBLISH the changes.



    2) Review and confirm changes

    Once counselors click to PUBLISH the changes, they will be required to review and then CONFIRM the changes to update the student profiles.  The newly updated data will be written in blue text.  Counselors can also choose to export the EXCEL or PDF file to track changes for their records before confirming.




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