Rolling Admissions

    Rolling admission schools allow you to apply anytime between a "start date" and "end date", with varying turnaround times depending on the school (e.g. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 12 weeks from the time the application is complete).
    When we generate the action plan, we try to determine whether it makes sense to treat the school as an early admission opportunity, and if so, when the latest date to apply is in order to hear back before other applications are due.  This date will vary depending on the student's list of schools (and their corresponding due dates/notification dates), so for one student it could be 10/7, and for another it could be 10/22.  
    You can always find the explanation for this in the Details tab.  Let's take Michigan State, for example:
    Under "Apply Regular Decision", we identify that the school offers rolling admission and detail how it's structured.  For Michigan State, you can apply between 8/1 and 5/1, with a 12 week turnaround time for a decision once your application is complete.
    Under "Submit in Wave 1", we describe our recommendation for the latest date to apply in order to fully take advantage of Michigan State as an "early opportunity".  Here, we recommend applying by 9/21 in order to hear back by 12/14.


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