Are there shortcuts for adding schools to my list?

    Yes, you can take advantage of several tags we’ve created to bring up schools with common characteristics. Tags currently available include:

    • 5CC for 5 College Consortium schools
    • 7SISTERS for Seven Sisters schools
    • ACC for Atlantic Coast Conference schools
    • AIML schools with strong artificial intelligence/machine learning programs
    • ASSURED for schools offering assured/guaranteed admission based on academic credentials
    • BIG10 for Big Ten schools
    • BIG12 for Big 12 schools
    • BIGDATA School with strong data science programs
    • BIGEAST for Big East schools
    • BUSINESS Schools known for their undergraduate programs
    • CATHOLIC for Catholic schools
    • CHRISTIAN for Christian schools (all denominations)
    • CLAREMONT for the Claremont Colleges
    • COMMONAPP Schools that accept the Common App
    • COOP schools with great co-op programs
    • CTCL for Colleges That Change Lives schools
    • ENGLAC Liberal arts schools that also have engineering programs
    • ENVSCI Schools with strong environmental science programs
    • HBCU for Historically Black Colleges and Universities
    • INTELNS Schools with strong international relations programs
    • IVY for Ivy League schools
    • JESUIT for Jesuit schools
    • NESCAC for NESCAC schools
    • NOFEE for schools with no application fee
    • ORTHODOX for schools set up to support Orthodox Jewish students
    • PAC12 for Pac 12 schools
    • PRIVATE for private schools
    • PUBLICC for public liberal arts colleges
    • PUBLIC for public schools
    • QB QuestBridge schools
    • SEC for Southeast Conference schools
    • STEM for STEM departments and schools known for their STEM programs
    • TESTFREE for schools that are test-free
    • TESTFLEXIBLE for schools that are test-flexible
    • TESTOPTIONAL for schools that are test-optional
    • WUE for Western Undergraduate Exchange schools

    To find schools using tags, simply click on the tag icon Annotation_2019-04-02_145743.jpg to the right of “Your List of Schools” on the Profile page.


    Once you click on the tag icon, a drop-down menu of shortcuts will appear that will help you add schools to your list.



    Or you can type the tag in the search field entitled "Enter your college name here" in the Profile Tab. 


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