How do I interpret the Need-based Aid Summary?

    Percent With Need Receiving Aid: This is the percentage of undergraduates with demonstrated financial need that received financial aid from this institution. The higher this percentage, the better.

    Percent of Need Met: This is the percentage of demonstrated financial need that was actually met by the school. The higher this percentage, the better.

    Percent of Need Met from Grants: This is the percentage of the financial aid package that comes from grants (aka free money). The higher this number, the better.

    Average Financial Aid Package: This is the average financial aid package received across all undergraduates during the year. The financial aid package consists of scholarship, grants, self-help and loans.

    Net Cost: This is the total cost of attendance less scholarship and grants. Use this number to compare the cost of education between institutions.

    Indebtedness: This is the average of debt at graduation for anyone who has taken out a loan.

     Need-blind Admissions Policy: This indicates our best understanding of whether the institution practices need-blind admissions. Note: Many schools may be need-blind for domestic students but not international students, or for applicants admitted through regular decision but not those put on the waitlist.

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