What’s new in College Kickstart - June 20, 2018

    A new release of College Kickstart is now available!

    • More schools. This release adds Washington and Jefferson, SUNY Purchase, Springfield College, Wagner College, Wisconsin - Parkside and Wisconsin - Whitewater to our coverage universe.  Since January, we've added nearly 40 regional schools across the nation based on your feedback, bringing the total number of institutions we cover to over 500.  See our complete list.
    • More departments. We've also enhanced or introduced departmental data for Cal State Channel Islands, Cooper Union, UCLA and the University of Illinois -  Chicago.  We're now at nearly 50 schools with data spanning 300+ departments. 
    • Fresh data. We continue to update our admissions data throughout the year as schools report results.  Over 90 percent of the schools we cover now reflect either Class of 2021 or Class of 2022 results.  
    • [High School Counselors Version] Expanded local context coverage. For those of you desiring greater coverage from your historical admissions data, we can now adjust the thresholds for local context consideration from 10+ admitted/5+ enrolled to as low as 5+ admitted/5+ enrolled. Submit a request and we'll get it set up for you.  
    • [High School Counselors Version] International university support (beta test, requires local context). Because universities outside of the U.S. do not follow U.S. admissions reporting conventions, we've typically been unable to cover schools like St. Andrews, McGill, UBC and UToronto in College Kickstart. Knowing that many of you do send students each year to these schools, we've come up with a way to bring them into College Kickstart in cases where you have sufficient historical admissions data to do so.  To activate an international school, simply go to the local context workbench, select the appropriate profile and publish. 

    To see how these changes affect your plan, please clear your browser cache and rerun College Kickstart. 

    As always, remember that admission requirements and deadlines will be updated over the summer once the institutions we cover finalize this information for fall applicants.  Once the application season field changes from 2017-18 to 2018-19 in the Application Requirements view, you'll be set to go.


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