Outcomes Reports - Detailed Admission History Report


    • High Schools
    • Board Reporting Service - Plus Plan


    The historical admissions summary compiles useful detail to enhance communication with students and parents.  For each institution with at least five admitted or enrolled students, a profile is generated containing:

    • National admission rate and profile (“National Context”)
    • Your historical admission rates and profiles (“Local Context”)
    • A historical summary of anonymous applicant profiles to this institution, including academic credentials, application type, result and whether the student was hooked

    Intended Uses

    • Helpful reference for counselors
    • Useful means to set a context and manage expectations with students and parents during 1:1 meetings
    • Discern historical admission rates based on application type
    • Discern admission rate differences between hooked and unhooked applicants if tracked

    Common Questions

    • What’s the difference between enrolled and admitted local context profiles?
      • The enrolled profile shows the mid 50th percentile breakpoints for test scores and GPA for students who matriculated at this institution.  The admitted profile shows the breakpoints for students who were admitted to this institution. 
    • What profile is shown for the national context?
      • Enrolled student profiles are shown for national context.
    • Am I able to hide the "Admission History" section?
      • Yes. Check the HIDE DETAILS checkbox before saving the PDF to hide the student's information from the report.



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