Outcomes Reports - What is the Admissions/Matriculations worksheet?


    • Independent Consultant - Large Practice Solution
    • High School
    • Board Reporting Service - Plus Plan

    Counselors may view the Admissions and Matriculations Report by going to ADMIN -> REPORTS -> ADMITS AND MATRICULATIONS.




    The admissions/matriculation worksheet compiles admission and matriculation counts for each institution during the analysis period.  Five fields are provided in the accompanying spreadsheet:

    • College name
    • Admitted student count
    • Enrolled student count
    • College name with an admitted student count
    • College name with enrolling student count


    Counselors may select a range or specific class year to view how many students got accepted and enrolled in different colleges.


    Counselors are also able to search/filter for specific schools.



    The report may be exported to either an Excel or PDF format to share with other counselors/students/parents. 


    Intended Uses

    • Speed the creation of the admission/matriculation summary in your annual school profile

    Common Questions

    Are applications to departments in an institution rolled up?

    Yes, all departmental data is rolled up to an overall entry for an institution.  For example, the University of Southern California (School of Business) and the University of Southern California (School of Engineering) are rolled up into a single University of Southern California entry.


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