Craft college plans with the most current and comprehensive data

    High-quality admissions data is essential to effective college planning and integral to College Kickstart. Leverage the details and depth you need to be effective and minimize surprises.

    Current year admission results 
    We keep a vigil on the latest admissions data, so you don’t have to. Stale data can wreak havoc on a student’s plan – changing how schools are categorized, misaligning priorities and setting the wrong expectation. If you’ve had students apply to NYU, Tulane or Northeastern in recent years you’ll know exactly what we mean.

    Departmental admission rates
    For students interested in STEM fields or specialized areas like nursing or business this granularity is crucial, and why there are current departmental admission rates for 50 popular public and private institutions.

    Resident/Non-Resident admission rates
    Gain insight into material differences between resident and non-resident admission rates for several prominent public institutions.

    Your school’s historical admission data
    Beyond current national data, nothing informs a college plan like your own historical admissions data. With Local Context, your school’s most recent outcomes are woven into every student’s plan beyond a scattergram.

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