Put your students in the driver’s seat with your hand on the wheel

    You guide your students through an entirely new experience for them wearing many hats – inspiring coach, knowledgeable drill sergeant, and compassionate counselor. Students’ plans ebb and flow, deadlines loom, pressures mount, and decisions roll in. Then, you do it again next year – and every year with different challenges.

    To free up more time for the art of college counseling, you can put College Kickstart in student-powered mode. When your students create and refine their own plans, they have a stronger sense of ownership throughout the entire process. 

    You never lose control or context with every student’s activity in your dashboard. And, the student-powered mode is not all or nothing. You can work with some students in counselor-powered and others in student-powered. Anytime during the process, you decide when to flip the switch. 

    By default, College Kickstart is configured counselor-powered with you in charge of creating and refining plans for each of your students. While this gives you 100% control, it makes you 100% the bottleneck when your students want to make changes.  

    We recommend that you start in counselor-powered and gradually switch to student-powered during the spring when you and your students meet 1:1 to review their lists. Definitely, switch to student-powered before the end of your Junior’s spring semester. Our data shows students do 30% of their college planning activities over the summer.

    To put a plan in student-powered, click on the Counselor silhouette for the student (tips3.png) under Owner in the dashboard.


    In Edit Student Details, switch Account Ownership from Counselor to Student and save.


    Once changed to STUDENT POWERED, your students will get a welcome email with their credentials.


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