Capitalize on Early Admissions with head and heart

    Every year, you encourage students to capitalize on early admission opportunities. You fine-tune their strategy to ensure they take into account the heart (the school that they love) and the head (the current data and requirements). 

    With ever-changing Early Admission data and requirements, it’s no small feat to make sure the strategy is sound. You probably know from the data we share, we’re on top of Early Admissions.

    Beyond data and dates, we give your students heart – tips11.png  – to indicate the school they really love and if admitted, they are committed to attending. We consider Early Decision options only when there is a heart, and the heart is only available for the top two schools in a student's list (e.g. ED1 and ED2).

    Early Admission recommendations consider list order, the degree to which the student is committed to attending their top-ranked institutions, available plan options, as well as admission rate differences and terms and conditions.

    In this example, you might wonder why Early Decisions are not recommended for the highest-ranked schools on a student's list. That’s because, without an explicit indication that it is appropriate to consider, an Early Decision recommendation is never made. 


    In the Early Admissions tool, students can run scenarios and see the underlying principles in action –  fit, competitiveness, commitment level, and affordability. 

     In this case, what was once Early Action becomes Early Decision I for Colorado College.


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