Save time and hassle tracking key application requirements

    Kiss your spreadsheets goodbye. Stop googling for the latest requirements. We’ve got you covered and your students protected something that might slip through the cracks.

    Every school on your student’s list includes the key application requirements. Every time a plan changes with a new list of colleges, the requirements are automatically updated. Just one more way you are freed up to spend more time with your students and less time on your computer.

    Every year by August, College Kickstart is updated with the latest requirements for the upcoming application season. We keep an eagle eye on the policies, procedures, due dates and more as it relates to:

    • Common applications
    • Standardized testing 
    • Recommendations
    • Interviews
    • Essays – Short answer/essay prompt counts and sizing
    • Application checklist
    • Specific links on the school’s website for definitive answers

    Here’s an example of the view from the Action section in the dashboard.


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