Prioritize your students’ time and effort in two waves

    Use customized Action Plans to help your students work smarter and minimize unnecessary effort. And, help their families spend less on application fees. 

    Each plan is based on the admission deadlines and notification dates for the colleges on a student’s list. 

    The goal is to sequence your student’s college admissions work into two phases: 

    • Wave 1 –  “Must do" applications because these schools have early or rolling admissions.
    • Wave 2 –  "Might avoid" applications because based on Wave 1 outcomes, your student might not apply to these schools.

    The sequencing considers and enforces hard merit scholarship deadlines for all Likely and Target schools on your student's list.

    If Wave 1 brings good news, it saves students from cranking out essays over the holidays and families from more credit card swipes for application fees.

    Here’s an example Action Plan.


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