Equip your students with tools to balance their college lists

    College planning is an iterative process and as you know, it can overwhelm even the most driven and detail-oriented student. You masterfully apply techniques, both carrots and sticks, to keep each student engaged in the process.

    College Kickstart was designed to help you engage your students with tools to keep their ever-changing college plan moving forward. A balanced college list is a foundation for a solid plan.

    MixFixer™ helps students to take corrective action when their list is off-kilter. With this easy-to-use, real-time tool, they can identify schools that fit into their Likelies, Targets, Reaches, and Unlikelies categories. 


    For example, if the last time you two met, your student’s college list was graded C+ and you asked them to come back with a more balanced list, MixFixer™ empowers your student to find a more balanced mix of schools. Using a variety of filters, students can review their options for each category by college, major, or application and affordability characteristics.  

    On their own, your student can improve the balance of their college list and be ready to discuss the changes with you.


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