Don’t sweat reporting the admission outcomes to the Board

    As your students experience spring fever, you experience Board meeting fever preparing to report this year’s outcomes.

    Avoid analysis paralysis and use Outcome Reports to inject your presentation with trends and details. These ready-to-share reports save you countless hours of slicing and dicing data. You can focus on polishing your presentation with your insights versus pulling it together. 

    It’s quick and easy to upload your school’s outcome data. After the import, personalize your Outcome Reports in minutes with the latest national data and rankings alongside your historical data.

    Outcome Reports include:

    • Early Admission Status Summary – Summary of latest early admission results based on outcomes captured in College Kickstart
    • Early Admission Status Detail – Latest early admission details based on outcomes captured in College Kickstart
    • Outcomes Summary – Three-year outcomes report covering admissions, matriculations, ratings and rankings
    • Quintile Analysis – Detailed quintile analysis for the most recent year available
    • Detailed Admission History – Historical admissions summary for all institutions with at least 5 admitted or 5 enrolled students. Includes national and local admission rates and profiles, as well as anonymous listings of all applicants and outcomes
    • Admits and Matriculations – Customized and website-ready admission and matriculation summary


    Plan B – Board Reporting Service

    We also offer a Board Reporting Service (BRS) if you’re in a pinch. It’s a 2-3 day turnaround and we’ll make sure you have what you need to highlight hidden insights to your Board, share your remarkable successes to families and communities, and publicize results to attract new students. 

    BRS couples your school's results with the latest admissions data and rankings to put everything in the context of national admission trends. 

    We offer the service even if you’re not currently a College Kickstart customer, and in that case, the reports will rely solely on the data you recorded in Naviance, Cialfo, Maia Learning, or SCOIR. 

    Give us your standard Applications by Colleges export for the most recent three years, and we’ll give you:  

    • Comprehensive Outcomes Report (Standard and Plus Plans) 
    • Detailed Quintile Analysis (Plus Only)  
    • Historical Admissions Summary (Plus Only)  
    • Admissions/Matriculation Report (Plus Only)
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