How to run a student’s college plan using Rigor


    High Schools that meet the following requirements:

    • School must be using an unweighted GPA.
    • School needs to upload historical data.

    Rigor is a feature that differentiates between students with varying levels of difficulty or rigor in their course load. Counselors may discuss with their RMs and request to enable the Rigor feature.

    Counselors can select one of the following settings for Rigor:

    • AP Honors: Indicate the number of honors and AP courses the student has taken.
    • Rigor Index: A 1 to 5 point grade scale which the student obtained.

    Once enabled, counselors will be able to add the Rigor score in the student profile. Rigor values must be positive, integer values.



    Once a plan is run, Rigor will be shown in the Academic Performance Assessment section of the Details Tab.



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