Uploading your historical data for the Board Reporting Service

    NOTE: The structure of CSV files exported from the systems of supported vendors may change over time. College Kickstart makes a best effort to support the latest version of each file. If your vendor modified their export process recently and you are unable to upload your file, please contact

    This article takes you through the process of uploading your historical data for the Board Reporting Service. 

    Before you begin 

    A standard Applications by Colleges export from Naviance, CIALFO, or Maia Learning is required for the most recent three years.  College Kickstart also accept the APPLICATION AND OUTCOMES from SCOIR. This export should include outcomes captured for your latest senior class and should be as “clean” as possible. 

    View the article, Exporting Report from NAVIANCE, SCOIR, CIALFO for use in College Kickstart, for more information.

    The process 

    Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll be taken to the Board Reporting Service import wizard.  The wizard is designed to guide you through the file upload process with ease.  This should take you no more than five minutes.  You have 14 days to complete your upload.


    To begin, click on the GET STARTED button.

    Import File

    Click on Choose File to select your import file and click on VALIDATE to begin the import and validation process.  The wizard will then perform a series of checks to make sure all of the required fields are present and exclude duplicate records and records with invalid/missing entries.

    If records have been excluded from the import, you can click on the details link to bring up a validation log that provides details on which entries were problematic:



    Assuming you have relatively few excluded records, click NEXT to proceed to the Apps and Admittances section.

    Apps and Admittances


    This section helps us understand how you define an applicant and an admitted student.  All of the options present in your historical data are displayed alongside checkboxes to indicate that the option should fall in the applied or admitted categories.  For example, “Jan. Admit” should be treated as Applied and Admitted, whereas Incomplete should not be either.

    Click NEXT to continue.

    Define Hooks (Plus subscribers only)


    If you are a Plus subscriber, you have the ability to track admission rates for hooked and unhooked students as part of the Historical Admission Summary. 

    If the flags field isn’t included in your import file or you don’t wish to track hooked applicants, simply click NEXT to continue.

    If you use custom flags in Naviance and you wish to track hooked applicants in reports, use this section to map your flags to the categories provided in College Kickstart.



    This section summarizes your settings.  If they are to your satisfaction, click SUBMIT to complete the import process.   Your file will then be uploaded and queued for analysis. 

    Please note that once you’ve uploaded your data and analysis has begun, it can no longer be changed.  Expect to hear back from us in 2-3 business days with your results.


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